Why Comparing Bitcoin Prices Saves You Money?


However, finding the balance is dicey. Unlike the traditional fiat currency, Bitcoin prices exhibit high volatility. That means that the live buy-sell prices may shift upwards or downwards within a blink of an eye with many cycles in a single day.

Since hundreds of brokers sell Bitcoin, the trick in getting the best return on investment (ROI) is in comparing their prices and picking the most favorable one. Choosing the broker who is offering you more Bitcoin for less of your money is the real deal. How is that even possible? You must be asking. Don’t worry; I’ve got your back; read on!

How to Compare Bitcoin Prices?

Cryptocurrency brokers provide convenient currency buy-sell platforms. Additionally, they facilitate simple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and so forth.

However, different brokers charge varying trading fees for the same service. Consequentially the price of the currencies they buy or sell prices differ. Some brokers will display relatively lower or higher prices for the same cryptocurrency at a given time as compared to their competitors.

Going for the costlier broker’s services plunges you into a negative ROI due to the relatively expensive trading and service fees.

Consider a scenario where the cheapest broker charges 0.75% in trading fees while a relatively over-priced broker charges 1.5%. If an investor invests € 200 with the low-priced brokerhe will receive BTC worth € 198.5. Alternatively, if the investor invests € 200 with the relatively over-priced broker, he will get BTC worth € 197.

When an investor buys Bitcoin from the cheapest broker, they save money that could have been consumed by a relatively costly broker. Moreover, choosing to sell your Bitcoin through the broker who offers the best sell-price gives you a higher Return On Investment(ROI). After all, the most critical goal for investment is profit.

The trick is buying bitcoin at the lowest price possible but selling it when the price is higher to create some ROI (profit) for the investor!

That calls for a real-time price tracker.

No website comes in handy in offering reliable real-time prices like CryptoPrijzen. The site provides easy to follow overviews updated every ninety seconds to give the most accurate and timely price changes in the broker market. Moreover, the page has a “refresh” icon in case you need a more instant result.

Interpreting the CryptoPrijzen Overview Table

The overview table has two distinct columns. The “Buy Bitcoin” column on the left shows the real-time Bitcoin “Buy” prices that different brokers offer.

The lowest “Buy” price appears on the first row. Moreover, it is green-lettered. This index represents the lowest price in the market after factoring in trading and broker charges.

On the other hand, the “Sell Bitcoin” column on the right displays the real-time Bitcoin “sell”  prices that various brokers offer. The first row is a green-lettered entry, representing the highest “sell” price in the market. This index is the price with the highest possible ROI.

The standard fiat currencies used in the table and compared to 1 BTC are the Euro ( €) and the US dollar($).

For instance, when writing this article, the best buying price of 1 BTC was equivalent to  € 15752.3 OR $19,153.22. In the same vein, the best selling price for 1 BTC was equal to € 15672.7 or $19056.44.Both buy and sell prices were from the same broker Bitvavo. Bitcoin is highly prone to the fluctuation of prices. It would serve you best as a frequent investor to bookmark the URL of this page to help you land the market’s best prices.

Why Choose CryptoPrijzen?

CryptoPrijzen labors to list only those trusted brokers who have managed to earn for themselves a favorable reputation in the brokerage market. The chosen broker must have a tangible track record in brokerage and, of course, impeccable customer service.

However, we advise the trader to remain vigilant on the amount they finally pay on the broker’s website. Though most brokers are transparent on the trading costs, some come with un-declared extra charges for things like verification, payment methods, or even blockchain fees.

Summing Up

With CryptoPrijzen.com, no investor should pay too much for that Bitcoin that they can get for much less. Considering the volatility of the Bitcoin price, a manual analysis of the broker prices with pen and paper would be obsolete; the prices will have changed a couple of times by the time you put your pen down.

The website does the aggregation for you and fishes out the best market rates in real-time. The comparison program should provide a wake-up call for investors who trust a single broker due to their prior experience with them. It’s time they think about cost by considering CryptoPrijzen!


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