walking dead cats
walking dead cats

Why is there no cat characters in Walking Dead comics nor TV series? Apart from the authors not wanting cats to be part of the Walking dead, the primary assumption is that they would be clever enough to keep their distance. If cats were in the wild, they’d be hiding in the shadows and would not be seen coming in to look for food. Robert Kirkman, the creator of comic books series in an interview, “The artist that draws the comic book loves drawing people, loves drawing zombies, does not enjoy drawing animals so much.”

What about dogs?

It’s there; Charlie Adlard, the illustrator, prefers never to sketch or incorporate animals in his stories. I think there’s one episode during season 2 or 3 in which Ricks group is accosted on an elevated bridge by two dogs with hair matted in filth and blood. My initial hypothesis was that they were infected and then contracted the disease. The dogs had been in a state of rabies-induced rage or were starving to the point where the characters we love were served as a meal for the dogs who were starving. Furthermore, Robert

Kirkman explains that the virus isn’t transmissible to any species other than humans, just as chickenpox. In my personal view, the vast majority of people would have left or had to eat their companions to survive hunger. Priorities have been limited to food, shelter, and security in the parallel universe that our characters reside in. A rational person would not prioritise the demands of a cat, dog, or lizard over the needs of their own or their family members, children, or children.

Animals can be difficult enough to handle, as is the case, which is why they are also difficult to work with. Humane Society is present on the set for all scenes that involve animals to ensure their protection and care is paramount. (Chickens and cows, horses, and other animals frequently appear in the series.) As per the theme of comics, domesticated animals are much easier for creators to eliminate on both the comic and on the television version of the tale for practical, ethical and preferential reasons.

Did anyone ever see cats on “The Walking Dead” TV show?

It is simple to imagine that dogs and cats have been devoured or are lying in slumber in the Walking Dead series. Practically speaking, within the Walking Dead universe, cats aren’t the best at travelling and dogs are known to be noisy, which isn’t helpful when you need to operate in hidden mode.

It’s an intriguing idea to include pets in an upcoming zombie tale. Pets aren’t often featured in characters or even appear in zombie films.

Why don’t we see pets In The Walking Dead?

In season 5, Episode 10, they meet a group of wild dogs that they eventually eat. I believe they’re trying to demonstrate how the show’s people have drastically changed since the beginning of the TV show. It’s what people do when they need to do to live. “Pets” are probably the final thing you’re thinking about when the zombies are trying to devour your family, so those who have survived have turned wild, just like the survivors of the show.

In the fourth season of “The Walking Dead,” the characters made their homes in prison and raised pork pigs. The pigs were sick, and so did the people. It could be an outbreak of swine influenza. We don’t know if humans passed the virus on to the pigs or it was the reverse that it was the other way around. However, anyone who contracted the disease was not able to recover.

However, the pigs did not appear to be zombified. And as of yet, no other animals we’ve seen during the show have. So how can we expect dogs and cats in The Walking dead?

“So, whatever it is, it still seems to be human-specific. Otherwise, you would expect to see zombie creatures,” Smith stated. “Viruses typically have a tropism — that means they can only bind to certain types of cells,” Smith stated. “Sometimes the protein they have that would bind to cells might be ubiquitous to all animals or all mammalian species, or it can be peculiar.”

Let’s hope that Daryl’s dog isn’t the zombie.

Let’s hope that Daryl’s new dog doesn’t become the zombie.  As an expert on infections, Smith has found herself writing about and discussing hypothetical zombie outbreaks at least a couple of instances in the past. She explained that her recommendations to avoid an infection caused by zombies are the same for every natural pathogen. Wash your hands and cook your food carefully and avoid cuts or cut marks when butchering animals. As a rule, “you want to avoid as much blood contact as possible,” she explained.

Apart from Daryl’s dog, It doesn’t appear that the people in “The Walking Dead” have cats or other pets. There are a handful of domestic livestock animals. However, nevertheless, Smith recommends they “try to minimize time spent in close contact with animals.” Most importantly, pets and people must be separated, according to her. “That way, if there is an outbreak, at least you have some separation between your animals and the people.”
Animals do not transform into zombies. It’s only human beings who do. That is the case at this point in AMC’s sci-fi zombie action film “The Walking Dead.”

The characters on the show have survived the zombie apocalypse over many years and are working to create self-sufficient communities. That is making certain animals, including horses and mules, valuable animals to keep around.

At least, to date, no one seems to be concerned about the possibility that horses will become massive humans-eating, galloping zombies any time soon.


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