We usually don’t think of our “Home” as being a marketing tool. That is why, when we talk about our website, we mention it mostly as our place of business. But in truth, it is our biggest marketing tool. And if it is not well thought of, it can become the biggest issue we have on our hands. Here is why we need to make sure that its global design and all of its elements, are optimized.

The First Brick on the Wall

In the era of this computer world that we live in, the website should be considered as the first brick on the wall, of our digital marketing direction. Its visual will be leading the rest of our communication campaigns, as their colour palette should always be based upon the same one that we have used to create the website. But it also true about the core message we will insert in them. It needs to be reverberated through all the marketing campaigns to follow.

Therefore, we need to use a tool, to build our website, that will provide all the elements we need to end-up with a visually stunning work. You can find a good example of such a website builder, at https://www.12handz.com/. But prior to the creation, make sure that you have crossed the t’s on everything that you will need to insert on it. The logo should have been tested and approved, the key words carefully chosen and the products and services description fully optimized. Only then should you start building your website.

No Mistake Permitted

The subtitle may seem radical, but it is true that you cannot permit yourself to launch a website that is not as perfect as can be. Like a car, it will lose value immediately after since the way we do business changes every second. But that is why it is so penultimately important to have it right form the start, as it will keep losing impact, each day that goes by. You cannot rebuild a website continuously, or it will become a hassle for your customers. You may end-up adapting it regularly, but if you do, make sure that the client’s experience does not change.

Choose the Right Keywords

There is no doubt that this is the most important element, when you launch your website. Even though most of them will be hidden inside, by your webmaster, they will be a crucial element to your digital marketing, as they are the ones that will be used for your SEO marketing campaigns.


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