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If you are a social media user, you might know several social media stars? Similarly, How tall is Wilbur Soot is a question that has been knocked on the internet several times, and the fans of the famous star want to know more about it? The physical details of any star help you understand how a star looks off the camera. Since we know that the character and the physical appearance in real life and the camera life can differ. The reason being that the enhanced effects being used nowadays can change your appearance.

Thus, to develop an association with their favorite stars, the fans search for the physical details of their famous stars. People who do not seek information regarding their favorite star do not admire them. If we talk about our star in question, then Wilbur Soot is the name of the social media personality who has been recognized by his YouTube and Twitch streaming videos. He has made a name for himself in a concise period. His singing, songwriting, and music skills are second to none.

We witnessed that his name is getting more and more attention with every passing day. If we talk about the career of the star, then he created a YouTube channel with the title of “Settings666”. He created it at the age of 11. Later on, he also made some more channels, and currently, the mark of his YouTube channels is 6. He is also a gamer. If you look at the timeline, Wilbur has been a part of this industry since 2017.

How Tall Is Wilbur Soot And Some Other Details?

It was the channel named “Soot House” where he uploaded his comedy videos. This helped him in achieving early fame. Due to the amazing content that he creates, the number of subscribers touched the mark of 1 million. But moving forward, we witnessed that star focused his energy upon the Twitch channel. His followers here touched the mark of 4 million, which is four times higher than the number of his subscribers on the YouTube channel.

For such a progressive star, it is evident that people will follow him. His fans keep asking questions regarding his personality, especially the physical details. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the star in question is his height. According to the available details, we deduce that Wilbur Soot is 6 feet 5 inches. This is an incredible height, and you will seldom find people with this height mark. Also, the weight of the star stands at 58 Kg. He is undoubtedly a handsome-looking guy with attractive facial features and a strong buildup. The blue-colored eyes that he has also added more effect to his personality.

If we talk about the star’s early life, then Wilbur soot was born and raised in a middle-class family. His birth took place in England. He belonged to a Christian family. This is why he also holds British nationality. A look at his ethnicity tells us that he is white Caucasian. His early education was conducted at a local institute in Suffolk. Later on, he joined Sussex Down’s College in Lewes. Since then, he has liked to participate in extracurricular activities.

The Merchandizing Wilbur Soot

Most of the fans are unaware of some details regarding the star. Among this information, the one you miss is the merchandising of Wilbur Soot. Fans do not know that he has his brand. Now you might be wondering about the products that he merchandises. Then if we look, we will find that he sells chic style hoods that are awesome combined with tees, trousers, caps, and some other clothing products. You can easily get the products online.

Now you might be wondering what makes the star so famous. Then the music being his specialty, you must listen to his songs. If you have not listened to him in the past, you should know that his music career was initiated in 2020. The first song he released was named “The internet ruined me”. These lyrics are based upon the harsh reality of modern-day society. The number of views of this song on YouTube is 11 million.

Later on, the second song that he released was named “I’m in love with an E-girl”. The number of viewers of this song on YouTube stands at 1 million. One of the best produced by Wilbur Soot. You will find the song names “Your new boyfriend”. The lyrics of this song helped in attaining the attention of the public.

Some Remarkable Details

Now such information is not to be disclosed without the help of credible sources. Therefore, we will know that currently, the star is 26 years of age. But the dates remain a mystery. Whenever we ask about his birthday, we will come to know that the star is not interested in celebrating birthdays. Since he is a career-oriented person, therefore, whenever this question was put forward, he always tried to run from it and threw a random number towards the public.

Since our star in question is elegant and charming in his look, people ask whether he is in a relationship. Thus, after examining the detail closely, we realized that the star is still single and currently he is not dating anyone. Also, we were unable to find any details about his relationships in the past. Although he was born to Christian parents, looking closely at the details of the star, we will come to know that he is an atheist by thoughts. He mentioned it in his tweet. If we talk about the family details, then the father of the famous star is a professional engineer whereas his mother works for the state.


Life is too small to keep questions in your mind. Therefore, it would be appropriate to find answers for the questions such as how tall is Wilbur Soot. This will ease your mind and enhance your knowledge giving you a piece of information that might be valuable in future talks.

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