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In this article, you will learn about Willie Robertson children. Even though Duck Dynasty’s final episode aired years ago, the Robertson family is still expanding. The family of Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, who first appeared on television with their already enormous offspring, has only grown. The oldest of the couple’s six children is growing the Robertson family. Here’s all about Willie and Korie’s children!

John Luke

John Luke, 24, the oldest of Willie and Korie’s biological children, grew up watching Duck Dynasty. In June 2015, the program included his high school graduation and union with Mary Kate McEachern. John Luke is currently enrolled at Liberty University, where he is pursuing his Camping Outdoor and Adventure Leadership degree. At the Christian sleep-away camp John Luke attended as a child, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, he has also advanced to the camp director position. The couple’s first child, John Shepherd, was born in October 2019.


The second-oldest child born to Willie used her time on reality television to launch a successful influencer career. She appeared in the 19th Season of Dancing With the Stars, where she and her partner finished as the first runners-up. She briefly dabbled in acting, appearing in the films I’m Not Ashamed and God’s Not Dead 2. In November 2019, Sadie and Christian Huff tied the knot. Currently, Sadie keeps her 3.7 million Instagram followers and nearly 350,000 YouTube subscribers up to date with her life. In May 2021, Sadie and Christian Huff welcomed a daughter they named Honey.


The youngest of the biological Willie Robertson children is Bella. Since Duck Dynasty ended, the now-18-year-old has kept a very quiet profile, only infrequently making appearances in her sister’s YouTube videos. The only time Bella appeared on-screen was when she joined her sister in the movie I’m Not Ashamed. Bella married Jacob Mayo in June 2021. The couple got engaged in November 2020.


When he was five weeks old, the Robertsons welcomed their first adopted baby, “Little Will.” Will didn’t appear on Duck Dynasty frequently because he isn’t as involved in the family business as his other siblings. Instead, he made sporadic cameos on the show. Will is about to graduate from high school.


Rebecca is not technically among the biological Willie Robertson Children; rather, she is their foster child. When Rebecca was 16 years old, Willie and Korie welcomed her as part of her study abroad program. It was Rebecca’s first time staying with the couple. “She was an exchange student from Taiwan who came to live with us when she was 16. I have four young children, ages 2 to 6, and now I have a 16-year-old who doesn’t speak English. What am I going to do?” Korie stated in a Focus on the Family interview. Rebecca “simply became one of ours,” according to Korie, after they welcomed her back for her senior year since they had enjoyed having her around so much.

According to Gospel Herald, Korie and Rebecca co-own the Monroe, Louisiana, store Duck and Dressing. The Robertson family was there when she married in 2016. These are the complete details about Willie Robertson children.


The newest member of the Robertson clan is Rowdy, Willie and Korie’s adopted son. In January 2016, the family welcomed their new arrival on Instagram, revealing the then-13-year-old had been living with them since May. The couple made hints that they were in the adoption process before officially announcing Rowdy’s adoption.

We welcome adoption at any time, “At the 2015 Angels in Adoption event, Korie noted. “We believe that adoption has greatly benefited our family in numerous ways. And we are incredibly grateful for both our biological and adopted children. “Never say never,” then. That much is certain.

All about Willie and Korie Robertson

Korie’s only love was Willie. The two are best friends, and they first met in the third and fourth grades. While Willie attended public school and Korie went to a private school, they met at the same summer camp and fell in love. The young couple stayed in touch when the summer ended and started attending school again.

Their romance grew after they both joined the same group of young Christians. The young couple married a few years after high school graduation. Willie thought it was good that they were so young when they wed. Korie earned her degree in art education from Harding University, a private Christian university in Searcy, Arkansas. In 1995, three years after marriage, they had their first child, John Luke.

Their lives were centered around being parents, and today Willie and Korie are parents to six kids—three biological and three adopted—between them. Korie Howard is a devoted mother who collaborated with her mother, Chrys Howard, and her husband to write the best-selling book, “Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs To Succeed.”

The ideals that the Robertsons taught their children were expressed in the book published in 2016. Also, Korie did not envision herself as a child as the star of a reality program. She was known to her parents as “shy” because she was wary. The Korie Fan Club was established by the director of her summer camp when she was seven years old to boost her self-esteem. Today, that shy girl is very different from the composed and collected Korie from “Duck Dynasty,” whom viewers have grown to know and love.

The heart of the family and her husband’s rock of support is Korie. The Robertsons’ prosperity and status as household names didn’t alter them; that much is certain.


Until now, we know all about Willie Robertson children. Let’s now also discuss Willie’s grandchildren, who are the offspring of Willie’s children. According to US Magazine, Rebecca was the first of the five to give birth to a child independently. She and John Reed welcomed their son Zane as their first child in January 2019. The happy news that John Luke and Mary Kate were also expecting a boy was revealed just four months later by the oldest biological Robertson, John Luke. I’m thrilled about this little guy! In May 2019, John Luke posted on Instagram. “I am just so thankful for the Lord entrusting us with this great gift,” the woman said. “We are on the moon to see him in October.”

And in October 2019, John Shepherd was born into a small family. In April, John Shepard gained an older sibling in the form of Ella, a daughter born to John Luke and Mary Kate. Finally, Sadie Robertson was expecting her first child in October. It was all about Willie Robertson children and grandchildren!


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