Winter is finally here! We’re busier than ever this time of year, but we’re excited to get out and enjoy the snow. The world has turned winter white and the weather has cooled down. The colors of the leaves have faded and we can finally see the beauty of our surroundings.

These are just a few of the things we look forward to about winter. We’ve included some ideas from nature to help you get in touch with your imagination and enjoy the cold weather, too!

1. Snow Sculpting

It’s fun to build with snow hidden under the surface and you can make sculptures of anything you want. The possibilities are endless and it’s so much more than just building a snowman! The best thing is once they’re done, they’re cold enough to freeze your fingers and it feels good!

2. Sledding

Everyone loves a good sled run. Whether you go down the street or into the back yard, it’s always exhilarating. It’s best to go down with a friend; they can push you while you steer and control your speed. If you’re feeling brave, try some jumps!

3. Skating

Who doesn’t love gliding across ice? We’ve noticed more people skating in downtown Tampa this winter and we’re happy to have an ice rink there for everyone to enjoy.

4. Ice skating

We love skating, but if you’re not a skilled skater, it can be hard on your legs. You can get ice massage or ice therapy at one of several places around Tampa. They use cold water to scrape the surface of your skin to relieve pain, soreness and improve circulation. To find out more about ice massage or ice therapy in Tampa.

5. Ice fishing

It’s such a fun and exciting experience to go out in the boat and try to catch a fish. The ice never stays frozen, so you have to be prepared when you go out. It can be hard to find places for a good spot for fishing, but if you’re looking for one, we’ve got a list of our favorite places here . The best thing about going out on the ice is that it’s always so beautiful!

6. Ice skating lessons

We offer private ice skating lessons for all skill levels! If you’re a beginner, or want to improve your skills, we’ll get you on the ice. You can even bring your little ones along!

7. Ice sculptures

Florida is home to one of the largest displays of ice sculptures in the world. For five days in February, there’s more than 100 sculptures set up throughout our downtown area. They’re made by professional sculptors and are beautiful works of art.

8. Ice hotels

They’re every winter adventurer’s dream! Every year in Quebec, Canada, they build an ice hotel. What better way to get close to nature than sleeping on the ground? You can take a hot sauna and go ice skating right outside your room.

9. Snow angels

They’re cute and fun! You can make these all by yourself or with your friends.

Winter Nature-

Winter is the best time of year to go hiking. The temperature is usually milder, the weather isn’t hot and it’s more peaceful. There are so many nature places around town to explore like Sky Lake and Arboretum .

Another thing we love about winter is that it means a lot of events in Tampa Bay. There are events all over, from snow festivals to ice exhibits. It’s a great time to see our beautiful season!

Winter Phenomena-

There are lots of little things that we love about winter, but the biggest thing is that there are so many pretty lights on display all over town. Trees change color and it’s so much fun to see the lights twinkling and reflecting off of everything.


Another one of our favorite things about winter is seeing snowflakes fall from the sky! It’s so beautiful when the flakes begin to fall and you can watch them landing on your shoulders.

Plants in winter-

Winter is the season that plants go dormant, but don’t worry! You can still see beautiful displays of flowers and trees just waiting to bloom. We love watching the maples and arborvitae change color each winter.

– Winter is the best season to go apple picking! Everything looks so beautiful in color, it’s just hard not to stop and admire all of the red apples!

– We love this time of year because there are so many little flurries.

Birds in winter-

It’s also a great time of year to see birds. We love watching them fly around and squawk at us as we walk past.

– If you visit Sky Lake on a nice winter day, you can see almost every kind of bird. You just got to find the right place!

– There are usually a lot of Blue Jays around during the winter, too; so cute!

– When it snows, there’s always a lot of Snowbirds who come in from the cold to enjoy some warmth.

Winter Solstice-

Winter Solstice is the shortest night of the year and the longest day. It’s when the earth is at it’s furthest point from the sun and there’s no darkness. In the Northern Hemisphere, it happens on December 21st.

– People all over are preparing for Winter Solstice.

– It’s also a time to celebrate; it’s the Winter Solstice!

– People love to make snowmen and snowball fights!

– And since it’s a time of celebrating, everyone eats lots of delicious food in the kitchen and opens presents.

– It’s also a good time for holiday shopping!


Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere:

The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere are two parts of the earth that rotate around the earth’s axis. It happens every day, but when it’s winter, it’s harder to see because it’s dark outside.

– When winter comes in one hemisphere, it means that summer has come to the other one.

– We love being in the Northern Hemisphere!

– It has less darkness than the Southern Hemisphere.

Winter in traditional holidays countries of the world-

Winter can be hard and cold, but how are people celebrating it in different cultures around the world? Some celebrate this season with festivals like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year’s.

– Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. People go to church to celebrate it and open presents. It’s a special time of the year for lots of people.

– Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days and is celebrated from late November to early December.

– Kwanzaa is a celebration of African-American culture. It’s from December 26- January 1.

– New Year’s Eve is a big holiday, too! People dress in fancy clothes and go to lots of parties!

– At the end of the year, people often go on a trip somewhere warm because it will always be cold in Florida. Everyone makes new memories and enjoys some time away from home.

– So many people in the world travel to the South Pole or to the North Pole on New Year’s Eve to see if they can make it through the night there. I wish I could’ve been there!

– The South Pole is so close to us and it’s really cold out there, too.

– We love being in the Northern Hemisphere!

– Going to see the northern lights is another amazing thing that people do on New Year’s Eve. It’s really hard to see them from Florida, but we do try.

– This is a picture of the northern lights taken by NASA on Christmas Day in 2015! They’re pretty fascinating to see and photograph for others.


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