Writing A Freelance Contract Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips


Freelancing can be exciting with a couple of advantages, from flexibility, money to freedom. However, the snag is that as a freelancer, you are on your own, but this should not scare you because, by having a clear and concise freelance contract, you and your client can work on a mutual understanding as each one of you knows what is expected. 

What Is A Freelance Contract? 

This legally binding document establishes the relationship between you as a freelancer and your clients – this helps set clear rules on what is expected from either party. 

As a freelancer, you’re probably wondering where to start when it comes to crafting a contract. You can find beautifully crafted freelancer proposals and contracts on Hectic™. There are several ways to get a good contract proposal; one of them is using templates. The template will include the following freelance contract tips below: 

Top 4 Tips For Writing Freelance Contracts 

1. An Introductory Statement 

This statement indicates who is involved in the contract and gives an overview of the entire freelance contract. The parties are the client and the contractor. Ensure you use these two times when referring to those in the contract to avoid confusion. 

2. Establish The Scope Of The Project 

imagine a scenario where you engage in a conversation with a client concerning the project in question. The obvious thing is they will disclose to you what the project is about for you to make your judgment on the cost and time it will take to complete it. Later, when doing the work, you realize that the work is much more complicated than you discussed with the client – this is called scope creep. 

To avoid scope creep, you need to ensure that you’re working with a freelance contract indicating the work scope. Describing the work and services within the contract is essential in setting up expectations for the freelancer and the client. You need to state what you will do for the client concerning the project and establish timelines. 

3. Changes And Revisions 

It would be best to clarify the number of revisions and changes to the original work included in the initial agreed payment. Try to avoid a situation where a client sends you endless revisions; your contract needs to stipulate how both the contractor and client can go about this. Be sure to indicate how much you will charge for any extra revision not included in the initial payment. 

4. Invoicing And Payments 

Here, you want to indicate the payment structure for the project. Your contract needs to state your payment methods clearly and when your payments will be made. When need be, ask for an upfront payment-this is usually a percentage of the total project cost. Also, agree on when you and your client will send an invoice and the period you can expect payment and actions to take in the unfortunate event that you don’t get paid on time. 

Do You Have Your Freelance Contract? 

With so many freelancers in the market, a client wants to know what makes you stand out, and if they should pick you for their next project. Having a well-written contract template from freelancers and contracts on Hectic™ could be just the missing link in getting a job, maintaining it, and getting good pay!


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