Zoom App for Firestick
Zoom App for Firestick

Zoom is one of the most popular and well-known video-conferencing applications. It comes with cool attributes like the recording of meetings, supports up to 1000 video participants, team meetings, and many more. This software works with multiple operating systems and streaming devices, including Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, etc.

However, it can be uncomfortable for some having Zoom meetings on laptops or smartphones. When the number of participants is higher, you can cast it on a TV to see the screen more clearly. This way, you can sit and relax while speaking with the participants on a full screen. So, in this article, we’ll learn about the Zoom app for Firestick.

How to Use Zoom App for Firestick?

Is the Zoom app for Firestick, an excellent option to cast meetings? Yes, it is. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so-

Step 1. Setting up a Zoom meeting:

  1.  Visit the official website of Zoom and press SIGN UP, IT’S FREE button, in order to create an account. You can either utilize your work email address or sign up with your Facebook/Google account. If you’re already a user of Zoom, skip this part and proceed to the next section.
  2. As mentioned before, if you’re an existing user, visit the Zoom website, click SIGN IN to log into your account.
  3. Subsequently, you’ll be given a few options to select from. Select the NEW MEETING option to host/start a meeting.
  4.  After choosing the option, you’ll now be in a virtual video gathering room. Select INVITE, present at the bottom of the screen.
  5.  A new tab will appear on the window, viewing several methods for inviting members to the call. By default, you’ll be in the Contacts window.
  6.  If you already have a contact list beforehand, simply select the person you want to join the meeting and then click on INVITE, present at the bottom-right corner of the screen. On the other hand, you can also choose the EMAIL tab to send an invitation.
  7. After selecting the desired option, an email will appear with various methods for the user to join the session. Enter the recipients you want in the course, in the TO bar, and click the SEND button.
  8. Now all you have to do is to wait for the recipients to join your session. Once you’re done and want to end the session, select the END MEETING option, present at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Setting up the Zoom app for Firestick

Now to cast a Zoom meeting on your television; first, you need to arrange a few settings on the Firestick. Before casting, ensure you did the following-

  1. The Firestick is plugged on to your television.
  2. You’ve logged on to the device.
  3. Your TV and Firestick are linked to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  4. On your Firestick remote, press and hold the HOME button. A list of options will appear on your TV screen.
  5. From these, select the MIRRORING option, using the right button on the Firestick.
  6. Next, a message will appear on the screen saying- “WHILE THIS SCREEN IS OPEN, GUEST DEVICES CAN WIRELESSLY MIRROR THEIR DISPLAY TO: your name FIRE TV STICK.” This means that your Firestick is ready to be mirrored/cast on your device.

Step 3. Setting up Windows 10 for casting Zoom to TV

  1. Search for NOTIFICATIONS icon on your device, running Windows 10. It’ll be located at the bottom of your screen, with the date and time display.
  2. Now, you’ll get a list of options. Click on CONNECT.
  3. Wait for a few seconds to let your Firestick appear in the list of gadgets you’re able to link to. As aforementioned, if both your Firestick and PC are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then the Firestick won’t appear in the list of devices. Thus, ensure that they’re connected to the same system! Once your Firestick’s name appears, click on it as mentioned in step 2.
  4. Once both your Firestick and PC is linked, it’ll be shown as CONNECTED, indicating the connection was successful.
  5. From here, you can run the Zoom app from your PC to start the meeting.

How to Disconnect Zoom from the Firestick?

Once you’re done using the Zoom app for Firestick, stop the mirroring from your device by going into your PC’s settings and click on the DISCONNECT button. You can also end the mirroring from your Firestick by clicking on the HOME button. Once you’ve stopped casting, go back to your Zoom app on the PC, where the meeting is still on. Hit the END MEETING option or LEAVE MEETING- if you want others to continue the session without you.

How to Cast a Zoom Meeting to TV Using Mac?

After using the Zoom app for Firestick to cast a session using Windows 10, you may wonder how to cast using a Mac? Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t provide any attribute to cast your screen to the TV. So, you’ve the option to use different apps to cast a Zoom session on television. Also, there are few Smart TVs like Sony & Samsung that’ll support these apps from Mac to TV.

How to Cast a Zoom Meeting Using HDMI Cable?

It may happen that you don’t have a Firestick, Roku, or any other streaming device. What to do in such a situation? Well, don’t worry as you can still mirror your Zoom session from your PC to TV using the HDMI cable. Just join the HDMI cable with your computer to the TV and modify your TV source to the adequate HDMI port using the remote. Your work’s done here! Now whatever viewed on your PC will be mirrored on your television too.

We all know that Zoom is an exceptional software for web conferencing, online classes, webinars, video conferencing, etc. Additionally, it comes with a free plan with an unlimited number of sessions. If you already possess a Firestick, you can watch content from your video conference on a bigger screen. You just have to follow all the steps adequately mentioned above and bravo! You’re done.


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