While dressing for proms, parties, or any other event that requires your full-body involvement, as a woman, something we all worry about is our choice of underwear. Sometimes, it may feel amazing to go braless to these events. However, we are mindful of two major issues.

  1. It is possible for the nipples to show: Nipples will show. It is very irritating when everyone can tell the location of your nipples within a piece of clothing.
  2. We need the cleavage to ‘rise to the occasion’: Without bras, your breasts will most likely sag downward on the chest. However, using tapes, you can raise your breast.

Did you know the origin of boob tape? Here are 6 facts about boob tapes that are worth knowing

1. Did you know that the earlier versions were duct tape?

There were no special tapes created for the breast at the inception. Kim Kardashian West, who notably sparked this revolution in women’s covering and cleavage maintenance shared her secret in using this hack around the year 2015. Gaffer tape and duct tapes were all used to achieve this aim, earlier. However, they are very harsh on the skin. Hence, they are not suggested and ideal tapes for anyone to use, especially those with soft and tender skin. So, with the nasty history comes nasty pains.

Despite being harsh on the skin, many people still use them as the solution to dresses that bras may not fit. There are tricks to removing these harsh tapes, in less painful ways. Today, though, there are brands that have launched products to solve this problem with products that are better skin-friendly. However, before now, the earliest versions of breast tapes are the duct tape! Many still use the duct tapes, because they are cheap, though.

2. It is the most suitable option for the plunge, backless, and low-cut dresses

If you want to rock your backless or low-cut dress to a party, you can conveniently use boob tapes to perfectly hold your boobs within the dress without the fear of having them pop out of the dress, revealing parts that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. In any of these cases, what matters now would be how you wear your bra tape. This tape can really help, but can it help with your choice of cloth without messing things up? That is simple, it means you have to learn what method of application would work for your style of cloth. Other dresses that are compatible with boob tapes include clothes with halter necklines, strapless, asymmetric necklines, open-side cloths, low bacs, and in swimming trunks.

3. Boob tape has its accessories

Ah-ha! You are wondering if you have ever heard such thing before or seen a retailer sold those? Yes, they do, but not with the tapes. For every boob tape bought, the accessories to be considered include olive oil and cotton wool or cotton pads. Yeah. If you are just learning about this invention, then you need to know that as much as you need the breast tapes, you also need to get yourself cotton pads and olive oil. The cotton pads will help to clog your nipple, especially for those with hard nipples. Olive oil relieves the abrasion against your skin during removal. It prevents breast soreness or any other part of the skin that you might tape alongside. So, you can call these the three musketeers that work hand in hand.

4. Boob taping comes with ‘nipple consciousness’

If you have very sensitive nipples such that a mild brush against your chest would call those tiny babies to wake up, then you have to look for something to help. Alternatively, your case scenario might be that you have hard nipples that can barely hide.

Even for those who don’t have either of the above, they are still careful to look into the mirror to see if their nipples are not showing. So, you see, going for breast tapes automatically brings a syndrome of nipple consciousness. If that is the case, then you need covers or layers on your nipples right before applying the tape. A simple hack is that you put cotton wool or pads on your nipples and apply the tapes directly over them. Since cups won’t just work fine for your situation, you can go for a piece of cotton wool that you think will fill out the nipple area. That means you will begin the taping from your nipple before covering other parts.

5. They are used to push up cleavage

As mentioned earlier, bras will not especially help when you are wearing clothing types like plunge and backless. But, what is the prestige in wearing an off-shoulder, backless, or even plunge without slaying with some boobs? There’s no joy in that! So, tapes don’t just hold in your breast to a side of your clothing. You can use if for more; it can raise up the cleavage! What you need to do is to get the right angle to arch the tape and hold your breast in. Basically, what you do is to push up your breast to as much cleavage as you want to show, and then tap it to your body to the best part that will hold it up. So, you don’t have to worry about pushups and padded cups. Boob tapes will help just fine.

6. It is healthy for you

Other than slight abrasions for those who use harsh tapes like Gaffer and duct, using a medical boob tape is totally healthy. With the type of dress you wear, more air will be allowed to flow into your breast. There is also no inconvenience of having a bra clip squeezing in your chest. Your breasts will feel great while you also feel super comfortable.


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