How to Stream HBO Max on Discord in Four Simple Steps


Have you ever regarded watching HBO Max with your friends on Discord to share a few laughs? You should be able to carry out this task without incident! We’ve included four straightforward instructions below if you’re unsure how to stream HBO Max using your Discord login. By following these steps, you’ll be able to watch your favorite HBO Max series in real-time with your friends!

On weekends when you cannot leave the house in the way you once did, binge-watching HBO Max shows is a typical occurrence. If you want to watch movies on Saturday nights with your friends, you should know that you can do so in company.

You can easily binge-watch Netflix movies and HBO Max series on Discord. However, before you follow the steps to replicate the act, keep in mind that it is illegal! Although Discord now allows for adding more users to your Live stream, you must avoid streaming Disney Plus or HBO Max on Discord due to privacy concerns. You can make an account by visiting Discord’s official website.

However, I will refrain from passing judgment if you try to do so. If you’re using Discord to access “HBO Max tv sign in“, follow the steps in this article to binge-watch your favorite HBO Max shows without encountering “Black Screen” or “No Sound” issues.

Is there a Special Discord server for HBO Max?

HBO Max streams flawlessly on Discord. If you follow the procedures, you will not encounter “No Sound” or “Black Screen” issues. Additionally, you can watch HBO Max through party extensions such as Telepathy. After downloading and installing the extension, share the link with your friends and family.

The live feed is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. However, streaming HBO Max on Discord or any other service such as Discord, Twitch, or Zoom is illegal and should be avoided.

Nonetheless, we are occasionally compelled to act in this manner. Additionally, the Pandemic has isolated us in our quarters, preventing us from socializing with our friends as we once did. In these instances, live streaming is an excellent way to unwind with our friends while watching a film or television show.

Can You Stream HBO Max with Sound on Discord?

HBO Max enables you to host a successful Discord watch party with your friends and family. You’ll be able to watch your favorite HBO show in no time if you follow the steps below!

Discord can be downloaded on a PC/Laptop, mobile device, or iPhone.

To stream HBO Max properly on Discord, you must first configure the Discord client. Discord is available on  Google Play (Android), App Store (iPhone), and other app stores for iPad and iOS devices.

Once Discord has been downloaded, carefully follow the instructions below!

Fire up a Web Browser

Open the web browser in which you are currently watching HBO Max. Any browser, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, may be the source of the problem. Navigate to the settings when the browser is open and disable hardware acceleration.

Using Google Chrome, type “hardware acceleration” into the search bar. Chrome’s system preferences include an option to “Use Hardware Acceleration when available.” Disable this option to prevent the screen from going blank or black during HBO Max streaming on Discord.

Configure the Hardware Acceleration settings in the browser and Discord settings when streaming HBO Max on Discord. It makes sure that whatever you’re streaming on Discord does not appear black or blank to your audience during the live stream.

Navigate to the Discord User Configuration page.

  1. After making the changes outlined above in your browser, navigate to your “User Discord Settings.” Continue scrolling down until you reach the “Advanced” options. Disable the “Hardware Acceleration” tab in the Advanced settings. Following that, your Discord program will restart.
  2. After reopening Discord, navigate to “User Preferences” and click on “Activity Status” instantly below the “Advanced” settings. Add the web browser that was previously configured as a game to the list.
  3. If you’re using Chrome to watch HBO Max, add Chrome as a game to your activity status. This step is required to stream HBO Max with sound on Discord.
  4. Launch the screen-sharing session via the voice channel.
  5. After making some changes in Discord and your Web Browser, navigate the “Voice Channel.” Take control of the web browser you previously added to the “Discord Voice Channel.” If you add Google Chrome to the voice channel, it will appear.
  6. In front of your browser, click the “Computer icon or stream (name of your web browser)” sign. A window for screen sharing will appear. Click the Go-Live button on the right.
  7. Your HBO Max will then begin streaming seamlessly on your Discord channel.
  8. Clear your browsers’ and Discord’s caches and ensure no internet connectivity issues; your “Show Time” on Discord with HBO Max will not be interrupted!


It’s incredibly simple to use Discord to broadcast HBO Max. You have to swipe a few Discord and browser settings. After completing the necessary steps, you will stream HBO Max shows and movies efficiently.


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