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Since 1991 Paradise Galleries has been a leader in bringing the magic of award winning dolls to collectors around the world. Our passion at Paradise Galleries is to create dolls that stir your spirit, warm your heart, and nurture your soul. Every detail is important to us – the heartwarming facial expressions, adorable and unique fabrics, the finest porcelain or vinyl, and expert sewing and stitching.

My girls and I had the pleasure of receiving the Sweet Slumber Vanessa Paradise Galleries Doll for review. Aside from her hair, this doll is extremely lifelike. She has a soft weighted body which gives her the weight of a real baby and is dressed in a super cute pink polka dot gown with a butterfly on the top and pink bows on the sleeves. She comes with a certificate of authenticity, a collectible box, a soft pink baby blanket and a butterfly headband that matches her dress. She also has a wind up on her back that plays “Rock A Bye Baby.” Her wrinkles on her arms, feet and under her eyes make her very realistic and she is soft to the touch which adds to her realism. Even her fingernails and toenails look real! My girls really love this doll and have enjoyed wrapping her up and pretending that she is their real baby. I think she has added to the excitement of their baby brothers arrival! She has brought much joy to both of my girls. They are constantly talking about how cute she is and telling me I need to be quiet because she is sleeping. It has been fun watching them pretend she is their baby and I look forward to them enjoying her for a long time to come. These Paradise Galleries Dolls are a great addition to any collection for kids and adults alike!


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