A Shower Standing Handle
A Shower Standing Handle

The shower standing handle is one of the best ways to improve the safety of anyone who needs physical support to stand or move in a shower or tub. If you or someone in your family struggles with poor balance, fear of falling, injury, or another medical issue that makes getting in and out of the shower difficult, this simple piece of hardware can make all the difference. Here’s why it’s so great.

What is a shower standing handle?

The shower standing handle, also known as an anti-slip suction handle, is intended to increase safety in showers and tubs by giving users a sturdy place to hold on to while standing or moving. A shower standing handle doesn’t have to be permanently affixed; instead, it can simply be attached temporarily with tape, suction cups, or other mounting methods for easy removal when not needed. This makes it easier for anyone who needs physical support in their bathroom space to grab onto something if they begin to slip. What are the benefits of using a standing shower door handle?: In addition to improving safety, there are several benefits associated with using a standing shower door handle. One of these is that it eliminates the need for permanent installation that could damage your walls or tile. Another benefit is that you can easily remove one from your shower wall without damaging any surface materials and reattach it later when you need its assistance again. Many people like these handles because they make getting into and out of your bathtub much easier than trying to balance yourself on slippery surfaces. If you have limited mobility due to age or illness, these handles provide extra security so you don’t slip in areas where there aren’t any grab bars installed yet.

How do they help you get in and out of the shower?

The shower handles are easy to hold onto, and because they are on both sides of your bathtub, you can use them as support if you get tired standing for too long. These handles don’t have to be permanently installed; some are designed to be placed anywhere in your bathroom and can be moved when needed. They also work with any type of shower standing handle door handle that allows you to lock it into place. Some shower grab bars even come with storage compartments so you can keep things like shampoo and soap right where you need them.

What are some other benefits?

Having someone available to help you get in and out of bed, to walk around outside or inside your home, and even help with mobility issues isn’t limited to just falling. There are lots of reasons someone may need additional assistance in and out of a shower. After all, it’s not just older adults who have trouble moving from their chair to their bed or who suffer from muscle atrophy after an accident that requires long periods of bed rest. Many seniors want to continue living independently for as long as possible—and, thanks to products like shower grab bars, many can do so safely.

How much do they cost?

They can range from $10 to $70, depending on their size and features. The average cost is about $25. If you’re unsure of where to find shower handles, there are plenty of online retailers that offer them in various styles and sizes. Just type shower grab bars into your preferred search engine to get started. How do they work?: These devices attach directly to your shower or tub walls with either suction cups or screws. Some models also have built-in hooks for storing personal items like shampoo bottles and razors. Once installed, these handles allow you to hold onto something while standing up or sitting down in order to keep yourself steady as you move around during your daily routine. This extra support can help prevent slips and falls, especially if you suffer from balance issues or reduced mobility due to age or injury. These products can also be used by caregivers who need an extra hand when assisting someone else with bathing or getting dressed.

Where can I buy them?

Shower standing handles are available for purchase through hospitals, medical supply companies, and online stores. It is important to select one that fits your needs. There are many options when it comes to types of handles. Some have suction cups to be stuck onto a tub or shower wall while others are screwed on permanently. The most popular style uses clamps that tighten onto pipes without tools. One type might be better than another depending on your current situation, but don’t fret! They can all be used if you install them correctly in order to safely use them.

Recommendations from our customers

I am so happy with my new shower standing handle. I live alone and have Multiple Sclerosis, it is so difficult to balance in the shower. This has made all the difference. Thank you! – Emily P. This product is exactly what I needed! I just had hip surgery and was finding it difficult to take a shower by myself. – Ashley W. This can help many people who might otherwise be forced to stay out of their tub/shower for extended periods because they are unable to stand on their own. – Rachael S. is Helpful for those with balance issues or recovering from injury or illness. – Vicki K. If you need assistance getting into your bathtub, then these handles will make that much easier for you. They’re strong enough to hold up underweight but not too heavy that someone else can’t use them if necessary. – Nicole L. These are great handles that allow me to get into and out of my bathtub safely without worrying about falling over or hurting myself when stepping into an empty tub (or even worse- slipping while exiting). My only complaint is that they don’t work well with most modern faucets as they require some modification in order to fit around them (I’m using mine with a set of old school faucets) but once installed properly they work like a charm! Highly recommended if you need something like this!! – Joe C.

Final verdict on using shower standing aids in your home

If you have joint pain or balance issues that make it difficult to stand up in your shower, look into shower standing handles. Not only will they give you more stability and support, but they’re also a good way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents and falling injuries. If you don’t have any serious physical issues, though, it’s fine to stick with other types of shower accessories. After all, some people find that no amount of help is enough when it comes to showering—and those people will often be better off finding other ways to deal with their disabilities. So whether or not these bathroom accessories are for you really depends on how old and frail (or not) you are and what type of support—both physical and emotional—you need from your bathroom fixtures.


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